Hair Color specialist for beautiful results


An extremely talented Hair and Makeup Artist with more than 15 years of experience. Specializing in color, bridal hair & makeup. With a keen eye for detail and style, Alexa’s passion for hair and beauty complemented with the ability to listen to her clients needs delivers a fresh look for each personalized creation.

Hair salon Las Vegas with inspired stylist

Ivan Otela

A highly creative Master Stylist offering a solid background in the hair salon industry. Cultivating over 15 years of progressive experience as an Owner/Operator. Ivan has owned several hair salons in the United States. His passion and expertise in hair cutting has
gained him respect from his peers and clients alike. When meeting with
a client he takes in the  consideration of hair texture, features andthe clients needs. Working together with the Colorist to give the
client a beautifully created style and organic look and feel.

Women’s Hair Services

Womens Hair Services

Creative haircuts for women implementing the latest fashion trends across the globe. Classic haircuts, Bob, Angled, textured and many different styles of haircuts done here. Hair color services include Ombre, Balayage, Brazilian highlights and many more colors.

 Mens Hair Services

mens haircut

Artistic haircuts for men to give the ultimate fashionable hair that goes with the latest fashion trends. Natural hair salon services for men include beard trimming, pompadour, classic, fade & low fade haircuts, textured cuts and many more.

Bridal Services

Bridal Services,briadal hair

Look stunning as a bride at the best hair salon in Las Vegas that specializes in bridal service. Bridal services include bridal updos, makeup, airbrush makeup and many more. Complete bridal packages available at reasonable price.

Hair Exstansion

Get natural hair extension done at a natural hair salon. Hair extension services are provided with human hair to get natural looks. Various techniques include seamless tape in hair extensions, Micro loc hair extensions, Beaded Weft hair extensions and many more.

Client Styling

Blowout Round Brush Set Classic Waves Style Beachy Boho Waves Style VS Loose Tousled Curls Soft Glamorous Waves Sleek Straight Flat Ironed Braids Ponytails

Hair coloring Techniqess

color highlights

One stop solution for getting any type of styling tips for the hair. Different types of styling tips given for different hair styles. Common styling tips are related to blowout, round style, classic waves style, Beachy Boho waves style among many others

Make Up

Look stunning with the makeup done at a beauty salon that specializes in various makeup styles. With Air brush, Day glow, Glam, fantasy or editorial makeup complete change of looks would happen.

Hair Care Racommendations

Get recommended by expert hairdresser in Las Vegas on the different hair care techniques. No matter whether the hair is normal hair, fine Limp, dry damaged, or coarse curly or even color treated hair there is a recommendations for all types of hairs.

Product Choices

One of the few beauty salons to use quality products from Kevin Murphy, Aquage, Redken and Pravana. Choose from the wide range of products and treat your hair with high-quality hair care products.

Hair Cutting Techniques

Different haircut techniques used depending on need and hair style of customers. Some of the most popular and fashionable techniques include Beveling technique, Blunt technique, Clipper over comb technique, notching technique, just to name a few.

With 15 years of experience and the passion in mastering the art of hair cutting and styling techniques, one of the best hairdressing and hair styling services are at your disposal. With a wide galore of services, that includes regular haircutting and hair dressing services for men and women, bridal services, hair extension services, makeup services and many more, this leading hair salon in Las Vegas is certainly the one-stop solution for all your styling needs.
Optimal satisfaction of every client is ensured by deploying some of the latest hair cutting and hair styling techniques. The hairdressers and stylists are extremely patient as they hear out the requirements of the clients and provide the best hair styling solutions that would suit the client’s needs as well as go hand in hand with the latest trends of fashion. Best quality products are used which are completely safe and would not cause any sort of damage to the hair or the skin.
If you were looking for the best beauty salon that could give you a complete makeover and gift a new look to you, this is the place to be at.